Five Tips to Stay Healthy this Summer

July 18, 2016 MedXM

Summertime brings out a whole new series of activities and functions for a lot of people, especially the ones that have to deal with the wintertime doldrums for a few months ever year. Picnics, barbecues, softball games, golf, trips to the beach, and more are on the docket for many American families when the summer weather is at its peak. It can be difficult, however, to stay cognizant of some things you may need to do to ensure you stay healthy during this three-month flurry of activity, especially if you’re not very active otherwise.

Here are five healthy tips to follow for summertime fun and health.

  • Be Smart with the Sunscreen – Everybody should be fully aware at this point of the harm that the sun can do to your skin when left unprotected. The problem remains though because not everybody realizes what they should look for in an effective sunscreen. Don’t bring the spf 5 to the beach and expect to leave the beach for home with the bronzed skin of a Greek God or Goddess. You’re still pretty likely to burn with this product during increased exposure — It just may take a little longer to do it. You want a spf of at least 30, broad spectrum protection, and water resistance when purchasing a truly effective sunscreen. You don’t have to pay a lot to get these products either. As long as the product contains those three elements, the cost is nearly a negligible factor when determining sunscreen effectiveness.
  • Regular Hydration – It seems like another no-brainer, but you need to remember to drink plenty of water when spending a long time outdoors during the summer. It’s especially important to drink at regular intervals throughout the day, and not try to slug down 32 ounces of water all it once. This won’t really help your hydration efforts and may lead to cramping and stomach discomfort. You can even buy refillable water bottles that have portable filters built into them too. If part of your summertime to-do list involves taking the dog for hikes, walks, etc., don’t forget to bring water for man’s best friend while you’re at it.
  • Meditation – This is a practice that can be done just as easily in the winter, but it seems far more beneficial in the summer. Sure, you can pull up an office chair and breathe deeply for 20 minutes in the office, but it’s even more relaxing if you can walk to the local park, sit down on a bench, and soak in the warmth of the sun and a gentle breeze, while obtaining inner peace through summertime meditation — namaste.
  • Maintain Activity Levels – It can be easy to sit in front of the TV all day for a Game of Thrones binge session on a 95 degree day with high humidity, but you still need to exercise. Make use of a gym membership during summer months for a healthy way to beat the heat. Hit the pool if you have access to one, or play a round of golf on a course with a lot of trees. However you want to do it, make sure you stay physically active while being smart about avoiding dehydration and overheating.
  • Observe Your Surroundings – Keeping a healthy state of mind is just as important as maintaining a healthy body. That’s why meditation is such an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Another way to achieve that inner peace during the summer is to take a leisurely walk with no mp3 player and nothing else to distract you from observing the beauty of your surroundings. Notice the flowers in bloom, the bright blue sky, the fluffy pure white clouds, the green grass, kids playing soccer, dogs trotting by, the list goes on. The summer weather provides an excellent opportunity to step back a bit and appreciate some of the simpler things in all their glory.

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Five Tips to Stay Healthy this Summer
Five Tips to Stay Healthy this Summer

Summertime brings out a whole new series of activities and functions for a lot of people, especially the on...

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