6 Indicators Your Body Needs More Water

August 19, 2016

Water is indeed the most important ingredient you can put in your body.  The benefits to drinking plenty of water are too great to be ignored.  From renewed energy, to proper organ function, to aiding in weight loss, consuming your recommended water intake is simply the optimal choice for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

With that said, it’s important to recognize when your body is not getting enough water. By depriving yourself of the world’s most natural resource, you could find yourself suffering at work, at the gym, and in your social life due to dehydration.  Individuals who sweat heavily and those who exercise outside during hot summer months, for example, should plan to replace every pound of body weight lost with one pint of fluid.  Being able to identify the situations in which more water intake is needed is imperative to your overall wellness.

Here are several clear-cut signs that indicate when your body requires more water:

1. You’re Thirsty

Thirst is perhaps the most obvious sign that you need to drink more water. Being thirsty is your body’s way of telling you to boost the fluid intake. Avoid replenishing lost fluids with sugary beverages; opt for a tall, ice cold glass of water instead.

2. Experiencing Dry Mouth?

One of the many causes to dry mouth, or decreased volume of saliva in the mouth, include dehydration.  You see, saliva is essential to helping protect the oral tissues, defend against tooth decay, and digest food.  By drinking water, you lubricate the mucous membranes in your mouth and throat to help keep your mouth moist with saliva long after that first sip. Preserve your oral health with plenty of water.

3. Your Urine is Dark

The color of your urine is a true gauge as to whether your body is craving water or is properly hydrated.  Clear or light-colored urine means you have sufficient water intake, whereas a dark yellow or amber color usually signals dehydration. Check your urine…if it’s dark, drink up (water that is)!

4. Lightheaded or Dizzy

Have you ever stood up so fast that you experienced a slight dose of dizziness?  If so, your body could be dehydrated.  Even mild dehydration that follows the loss of just 1 to 2 percent of your body weight can lead to dizziness or cause us to feel lightheaded or faint.  Drinking H2O is also essential to your blood pressure levels, which drops when the body is dehydrated (causing dizziness).  Maintain a steady emotional state of health with water.

5. Feel Fatigued and Tired

Dehydration leads to fatigue, which as a result, slowly eats away at your bodily functions you need to optimally get through the day.  Water helps to increase your energy levels because the more you drink it, the more awake and alert you’ll feel, which causes you to be more productive and engaged. When you find yourself fatigued, indulge in a bottle of water to boost your energy.

6. You’re Constipated

One of the main reasons of constipation is not drinking enough water.  What happens is that dehydration causes the colon to try to conserve water.  Because the colon is absorbing too much water from the food we eat, it results in our stools becoming hard and dry, making it uncomfortable to release.  If you are constipated, try drinking 2-4 extra glasses of water a day – unless your doctor has informed you to limit fluids for other health reasons.

Drinking enough water every day is vital for your wellness and essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Listen to your body when you’re experiencing any of the signs mentioned and hydrate quickly to get you back in a balanced state.  The key to your long-term health success lies in making (the recommended) water intake an everyday part of your life.  And your body will thank you for it!

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6 Indicators Your Body Needs More Water
6 Indicators Your Body Needs More Water

Water is indeed the most important ingredient you can put in your body.  The benefits to drinking plenty of...

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