5 Unordinary Men’s Health Tips

June 9, 2016 MedXM

Not Your Ordinary Men’s Health Tips

June is men’s health month, and we want to point out a few things that could be keeping your health down. Sure, you know you shouldn’t be eating Mcdonald’s every day, and you know you should be staying active, but these aren’t the only components in the overall health equation. So, here are some men’s health tips before you grab that salad and head to the gym later.


Spend Quality Time

Sometimes, life gets busy and relationships start to slack in areas, even if we’re unaware of it. When was the last time you’ve enjoyed some quality time with your wife and kids? Have you called your mom in the last week? Having a good relationship requires more than just a title, but offers more than what meets the eye, as well.

People who have positive relationships with close family members reap the rewards of reduced stress levels and, overall, more consistent happiness. This makes you less susceptible to heart disease, high blood pressure and obesity. So, take your wife out on a date, have dinner with your mom, play ball with the kids or schedule a family camping trip.


Get Some Sun

Unfortunately, you can’t get all of your needed vitamin intake solely from the food you eat. This is the case with vitamin D, though it is so important to your well-being. It plays a key role in calcium absorption, insulin regulation and many of your primary operating systems, such as the cardiovascular and nervous system. To stay at peak health, it is recommended 10 minutes of sun time 2-3 times a week. That could be done in a walk to lunch downtown twice a week or even a once a week lawn mowing session.


Get a PSA Test

The Prostate-Specific Antigen test is one of the ways doctors screen for prostate cancer. Previously, it was only recommended for men over 50. Now, if you have close relatives who have had prostate cancer, the new age is 40. The PSA test will determine how much PSA is in your blood stream. If the levels are high, your doctor will likely have you tested again, as sometimes the tests can yield false-abnormal results. That means if you get a test back with abnormal results, don’t start worrying right out of the gate. A second abnormal PSA reading may prompt your doctor to continue monitor these levels and potentially order a prostate biopsy. This may seem overwhelming, but cancer is not a force to be reckoned with, and early detection is often a life-saver.


Close the Lid

Ladies may often fuss if you leave the toilet seat up, but her ire is not misguided. You should also really get used to putting the lid down. Leaving the lid up during a flushing sends water particles into the air and contaminates your bathroom with toilet germs that can make you ill. In a 2012 study of hospital restrooms, an average of 15 – 47 water droplets contaminated with C. difficile, a type of bacteria that can cause diarrhea and colon inflammation, were found 90 minutes after an uncovered flushing. Do yourself a favor, make a habit of putting the lid down.


Do Something about Your Facial Hair

While a mustache may be key to your identity, it may also be the key to insistent and pesky allergies. Rather than just breathing them in, allergens can get trapped in your mustache, leaving you to inhale bits of it consistently all day. This could mean watery eyes, runny nose and inconvenient sneezing fits. To avoid this, try washing your facial hair twice a day, or try out a new look and be done with it completely.
Health isn’t determined by only one or two factors in your life, so stay informed by contacting us on everything health-related.


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