What Are Retail Health Clinics Doing To Make It Work?

July 23, 2019 Jeanette Stern

Years after the healthcare industry shifted from the fee-for-service payment model to the value-based payment model, along with a more patient-centric model, some health care providers are still sitting at a crossroad. How can they become more patient-centric? What does patient-centric care actually mean? How can they implement this strategy into their health facilities?

There is an area of the healthcare industry that has figured out the customer-centric service and customer interaction puzzle. Retail Health Clinics. If health care providers start to follow the steps that the successful retail clinics are taking, health care providers will find new solutions to their patient engagement and patient satisfaction questions.

Step 1: Remember That People Have Other Options

Unfortunately, the health care industry has lingered behind other industries when it comes to their level of customer service and the type of resources and technology they use. Many health care providers will make the assumption that a patient cannot go anywhere else and will sit in the waiting room until they can be seen and treated. 

Fortunately, patients are realizing that they actually do have more options and do not have to wait for several hours. Companies in other industries are producing a variety of options for their buyers to give them a greater selection. Consumers will remain loyal to the companies and brands that continuously deliver creative and innovative products. Consumers are always looking forward to the latest and greatest products to hit the market.

On the other hand, those in the healthcare industry have not always taken this approach. Health care providers have the resources and technologies to develop strategies and communities that can keep patients engaged. Keeping patients engaged and encouraging them to communicate with one another can lead to helpful insight. 

This type of insight can result in newer and greater services and products. The patient community can also result in other upgrades and changes when it comes to patient strategies. 

Step 2: Remember Reporting & Analytics

There is so much data that can be reported and analyzed in the health care industry. Customer data is everywhere and it is up to those in the healthcare industry to actually use it. Health care providers have to find the data, report it, and analyze it if they want to obtain the best insights. Data analysis can also lead to the successful development of products and services.

Many industries have figured out how to use the data they have obtained to improve the experiences of their customer base. People can have better experiences when people helping them are equipped with all the right data. Customers can also have better experiences when recommendations and suggestions can be made to them based on data and analytics. 

Patients will appreciate care and treatment that involves effective communication that is relevant and easy to understand. Health care providers will be able to communicate more effectively and they will be able to address the problems and concerns that patients have on a daily basis.

Step 3: Remember To Embrace Technology

Technology gives the healthcare industry the ability to improve the patient and customer experience in a variety of ways. Patients can use patient portals, mobile applications, and other resources to improve their overall patient experience. Healthcare services that use technology and other resources will be able to create an easier and consistent patient experience.

Many in the healthcare industry may be surprised at all of the technology tools that are waiting to be used, such as patient portals, patient check-in systems, mobile applications, mobile devices, and more. You can branch out from the health care model you are accustomed to using. Patients can now have their care and treatment in places where they are more comfortable. 

Retail health clinics have taken these steps and are providing patients and consumers with everything they need in one location. Patients and consumers want the best service and the best quality regardless of what their needs are. Do you plan to follow the path that retail health clinics are taking when it comes to patient experience and patient satisfaction?

Contact us today for more information on retail health clinics and how many health care providers can change their approach. 

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