Planning for Success: Why You Should Offer Your Members Postpartum Visits

August 3, 2016


In the hustle and bustle of pregnancy and bringing home a new member of the family, the health of both mother and child is an important concern that should never be ignored or brushed aside.  Family's sometimes unintentionally forget the vital health needs both mother and baby have following pregnancy. Post partum visits within the family's home are essential for the health and well-being of mothers and their new children. Although some healthcare or insurance providers may question and ask why they should offer their members post partum visits, three important aspects of care are vital for consideration.

Evaluate Post Delivery Complications of Mother and Child
Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveal that over 600 women die every year as a result of pregnancy and delivery complications.  Added to these frightening statistics a further study revealed that most of these deaths occur approximately 43 days following delivery. Serious complications such as hemorrhaging, postpartum eclampsia, pulmonary edema, stroke, thromboembolisms, and HELLP Syndrome are real threats.  

Postpartum depression is another devastating complication new mothers are at risk for, although the symptoms may be carefully hidden. In addition to health complications for mothers, newborns are also subject to dangerous medical issues such as surfacing birth defects, injuries, thrush, jaundice, hypoglycemia, transient tachynpea, and malnutrition.  Many health complications for both mother and child are not easily seen and diagnosed initially.  Postpartum exams and frequent evaluations are vital in detecting early warning signs of these potentially lethal health crises.    

Review Mother's Emotional Reactions to Pregnancy
Child birth and pregnancy are extremely emotional and psychological occurrences that can traumatize and overwhelm even the most emotionally stable women. Along with the great love and joy of a new child, a sense of panic can also develop as new mothers question their ability to care and protect their infant.  The chaotic jumble of emotions whether negative or positive can turn toxic and lead to emotional complications such as post partum depression, obsessive compulsive disorders, and extreme anxiety.

Post partum depression, contrary to some negative opinion, is nothing to be ashamed of. Women need to be shown love and support as they recovery emotionally from the exhaustion of labor and pregnancy. Post partum visits from a trusted medical professional are instrumental in evaluating signs of encroaching depression and dangerous coping methods. Surveys show that approximately 950,000 women suffer from post partum depression yearly.  When caught early and given the needed support and care, new mothers can successfully heal from the emotional ordeal.  

Care for New Mothers and Newborns Until Regular Follow up with an OBGYN can be Arranged
A new baby completely rearranges the schedule and sense of normalcy for most houses.  This exciting time produces a hectic schedule and it is difficult to leave the house or schedule regular appointments with the mother's OBGYN and the child's pediatrician.  Although difficult, these follow-up appointments are vital and shouldn't be brushed aside.  

In-home follow-up appointments with appropriate medical professionals provided by the mother’s health plan simplifies the family's schedule and allows much greater ease and security for both mother and child. Rather than forcing new mothers and infants to leave their safe haven, a medical professional coming into the house allows the family to remain in a peaceful, nurturing environment for the initial weeks following delivery. This gives the mother and child more time to bond and rest, something that can prevent some dangerous physical and emotional complications. The ease of in-home visits allows time for adjustment and acclimation until mother and child feel comfortable attending office visits to follow-up with their appropriate medical professionals.  

In-home postpartum visits provide safety and security for both mother and infant alike. Dangerous health complications and emotional issues can be quickly spotted and diagnosed, preventing long-term catastrophes.  For more information on this vital service and how to plan for appropriate postpartum care, please contact us today.

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