Member Engagement: Now Is Your Time To Shine

July 8, 2019 Jeanette Stern

The unsettling market dynamics that have molded the healthcare industry have opened new opportunities for health plans. Long categorized as coordinators of provider networks and directors of claims processing, health plans are turning into consumer-focused operations. The pace of change is quickly picking up speed, and this is resulting in new models of care delivery, new models of provider reimbursement, and new systems.

These changes on the provider's side will generally lead to good news for everyone who is looking for a better support team when it comes to their healthcare, especially since the number of people with chronic diseases continues to increase. Combined with the fact that many patients do not always stick to their treatment plan or do not have the proper medication management, it can be very easy to identify some of the challenges that are waiting. 

Although Healthcare Consumerism is growing, many people are not able to effectively make their way through the new landscape. Fortunately, health insurance plans can step in and help individuals navigate their way through the changes. 

Member Engagement

Member engagement is a new domain for the majority of health plans. With the expansion of Medicaid, the inundation of age-in Medicare members and the recently insured, it is becoming more and more important to provide communications and interactions that are geared towards the consumers. Various quality metrics, including Star Ratings are continuing to rise in importance, and this will result in health plans finding themselves trying harder to maintain a high level of excellence when it comes to the consumer experience. 

What can you focus on so you will have a better chance to develop a member engagement strategy that will be effective?

Learn How Consumers Operate In Their Own Healthcare World

Health plans will need to undergo a complete and honest review of the outreach that is extended to its members, in addition to the continuous interactions, communications, and member services. It is vital to understand the interactions and communications that are responsible for reaching members of various source points. In addition, behavioral economics can be used to uncover key information about the consumer decision-making process. Behavioral economics can also be used to create an improved messaging strategy.

Improve Service Offerings

Many health plans are able to cross all of their T's and dot all of their I's when it comes to their service offerings in the following areas:

  • care management
  • wellness
  • chronic illness management
  • disease management

While the health plans may have the ability to check everything off their list, health plan members want the health plans to be able to bring everything together flawlessly. With a layer of great feedback and measurement, effective health plans will be able to make sure members will receive everything that they need and want.

Health Improvement

Health plans should have instant access to medical information and data that is relevant to its members. In addition, there also needs to be a complete line to their members when interventions and personalized messaging are needed. Privacy will not be a problem in the same manner as it may be for employers to deliver those same improvements in their workplace. 

We are operating in a new environment, and health plans have a greater opportunity to improve changes in behavior, limit the number of risks, and create better health outcomes for all of the members. Many health plans are already using member portals, and many of them have also made it a point to improve their effectiveness and their value. What can this do? This can ultimately create a higher level of efficiency and it can point members in the direction that has the tools and resources they need.

Those who will win in this healthcare industry are the ones who are shine in member engagement. We want to help you achieve the highest level of excellence when it comes to member engagement. For more information on our strategy, please do not hesitate to contact us today.



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