How to Prepare for a Massive Amount of New Members

August 16, 2016


A massive flow of new members is a good sign of growth, yet it requires robust organizational efforts to streamline the on-boarding processes. Health plans can easily become overwhelmed when trying to manage their ever-growing membership base. Therefore, preparations should be made to facilitate growth. The following will explain how your plan should handle an influx of new members.

Organizational Networking

Organizational skills are needed to prioritize incoming data according to risk, contact method, suggested screenings, and location. Proven methods of member engagement need to be used to contact new members, in order to complete or set-up: comprehensive Health Risk Assessments (HRAs), care management, initial and annual wellness visits, risk stratification, and lab services.

For instance, new members should receive a welcome email, physical letter, and phone call. The connecting agent would be helpful and informative toward new members, giving them clear directions of the next step to take. With multiple avenues for contact and clear directions, new members will find the resources needed to proceed with in-house visits or at a close-by retail clinic location.

Structured Approach of Caring

With a structured approach of caring built-into your membership engagement strategy, proven results are bound to occur. Health plans can effectively organize their members according to risk, and in the process will reduce mistakes, improve satisfaction, improve ratings, and gather helpful data.

The method of using in-home visits for membership engagement is the biggest factor in its success. Having qualified medical professionals available to make in-house visits with new members, makes scheduling a visit easier for new members.

Reaching out to new members through the method they're comfortable with, gives health care plans the ability to connect with a greater percentage of their new members. From this initial contact being established, a structured approach can be achieved for optimal care planning. This is good for members and health plans alike, because members achieve better overall health and health plans save money and improve ratings.

Delegate for Membership Engagement

Facilitating a massive flow of new members could be simplified when the engagement is delegated. Outsourcing to a service provider that specializes in filling in the engagement gap, is a wise and affordable way to facilitate this growth. By delegating, health plans can relax and eliminate the headaches and overtime hours, needed to handle the massive flow of new member engagement in-house.

Health plans will have the membership data they need to develop more data-specific strategies. Plans will be designed from more accurate membership data, giving stakeholders more confidence in future growth and success. Positively engaged members and preventative care will result in better ratings. The profit gained will pay for any delegation needed for engagement, and then some.

Delegating to a service with an expanded care network, makes it possible for health plans to connect face-to-face with members across the country. The initial contact represents your health plans' efforts to reach out to its membership base, in order to welcome them and begin a trusting relationship. This strategy makes obtaining necessary data from HRAs and screenings easier, as members have the resources and reminders to remain engaged.


Facilitating massive flows of new members takes organization, proven structure, and delegation. Using risk stratification management (with data gathered from multiple initial contact methods), health plans can: prevent future expenses, get valuable data, and create satisfied members.

Delegating engagement services to MedXM is an easy way to facilitate massive flows of new membership engagement. We've been perfecting our network outreach, technology, and structured approach for decades. Please contact us to learn more about how our unique liaison service can help your health plan service.


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