How Innovation And Collaboration Can Improve Healthcare Customer Experiences

February 27, 2018 Jeanette Stern

As many healthcare organizations make their attempts to fully address in the increase in healthcare consumerism, they are beginning to realize that they are not able to create the experiences their customers need unassisted. Why does this happen? Consumers who are searching for healthcare services and healthcare products have to communicate with a variety of people as they take their healthcare journey. 

Every person the healthcare consumer connects with will have an impact on their customer experience, as well as their overall health outcomes. As a result of this increase and shift, healthcare organizations have to start using a customer experience network. A customer experience network will be created once the organization is willing to connect and fully embrace all the parties who will have an impact throughout the healthcare consumer's journey. 

Healthcare Collaboration

Also, the healthcare organization must be willing to collaborate and introduce innovative technologies that will deliver outstanding customer experiences and customer healthcare journeys. A customer experience network will include, insurers, hospitals, health systems, as well as the technologies that can play a major role in providing a better patient experience. 

When your healthcare organization introduces a platform that will allow everyone to connect and make major strides in the patient's healthcare journey, there will be a variety of new opportunities that will allow patients to have a more engaging and customized healthcare experience. Organizations who are willing to use innovation will allow themselves to work with others and ultimately create the comprehensive customer experience that they could not do single-handedly. 

Healthcare Innovation

In recent years, the majority of healthcare innovation has been concentrated on developing new medical devices, new diagnostic procedures, new therapies, etc. This is something that the United States has been very successful at in the past and in recent years. The various advances that have been made in regards to innovation in healthcare range from new procedures to advanced medical and surgical robots. 

Moving forward, there is going to be a continued emphasis on innovation. The emphasis on innovation pledges to accelerate quickly and create growing change in significant areas including the following:

  • prevention
  • an increase in personalized care that is customized to a patient's hereditary and genetic profile
  • more efficient care models that are technology-enabled
  • integrated organizational designs

Over the past twenty years, innovation has become extremely critical to the economy and its growth. Innovation has also become critical to the progress in every industry. To the indifferent observer, healthcare innovation that is technology-enabled and technology-induced may seem random and undeviating. However, if one takes a few steps back, there will be a more substantial pattern that will become evident. 

The rate of innovation is growing rapidly and it is often external to the economy. Technology has always played a critical role in healthcare innovation, and this will continue to be the case moving forward. However, the pace at which healthcare innovation is likely to change in the future. 

Advances in digital technologies will continue to create vast possibilities and chances. Those who are aware of this shift toward digital technologies will recognize this great trend and hop on it right away. Those who make the decision to turn away from this trend will do so at their own risk.

Every organization should have at least one core capability, and that capability should be innovation. The healthcare industry is facing an aggressive pace of change, and this means the healthcare industry will need innovators and leaders who will know how to change an organization for the better. 

Are you willing to have a customer experience network that will allow you to give health members a clear picture of what is taking place during their health journey? Contact us today for more information.

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