Health Plan Professionals: A Prescription For Trust

April 27, 2016

If you ask the average member of a health plan if they trust their health insurance provider, you aren't likely to get a resounding yes. Unfortunately, there is a climate of mistrust among many health plan subscribers. Health plan professionals are an important member of the team of medical professionals who work towards public health. The way people choose their health insurance has changed drastically in the past few years, with more information and more choice available to members. Creating a sense of trust is more essential than ever for health plan providers. In addition to providing excellent coverage, members need to feel like the people on the other end of their policy care about them and their health. Implementing programs like the following into your member services plan can help to build a relationship of trust and caring with members.


Be Accessible

When a member picks up the phone to call their health insurance provider, there is likely already an issue that is causing them stress. Whether it's a medical concern, financial hardship, or any other issue they need assistance with, not being able to reach a live representative on the phone is upsetting. What happens when one of your members picks up the phone to call you? How hard is it for them to reach an actual representative? If busy phone lines are an issue, institute a service that allows your members to leave their name and phone number to receive a call back from the next available representative. This demonstrates to your members that you value their time enough to not expect them to stay on hold for a length of time.


Community Involvement

How active is your company in the communities you serve? Research ways to get involved in community activities that support healthy living. Sponsoring youth sports teams, donating towards the development of new playgrounds, or sending representatives of your company to participate in health fairs at schools or hospitals are just some of the ways you can put a personal face on the perception of your company.


Health Risk Assessment and Screening Services

The average health plan member is becoming more proactive in their own health through looking for risk assessments and screening services. Make it easy for them to gain access to these services. Your company's website is a great first step in connecting your members to the screening and assessments they need. Compile a database of locations where screenings and assessments are available, and make the database available for your members to search by location. The more services like this you offer, the more your members will come to trust your company as a resource.


Healthy Living Incentives

Do your offer your members incentives to work towards a healthy lifestyle? This is a great way to show them you care about them "in sickness and in health". Provide access to healthy meal plans, or run challenges where they can win points by working out. You can also partner with fitness tracking apps so that as your members use the apps they accrue points or rewards with your company.


Follow Up

In order to trust their health plan provider, members need to feel like they mean more to you than an addition to a financial bottom line. When a member has a medical crisis, do they get a call from a representative of your company to see how they are feeling? Other touches like a get well card after a hospital stay, or a congratulations card after the birth of a baby seem small, but will stand out with your members.

We can help you build meaningful relationships with your members. Contact us today to see how.

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