Enhanced Customer Service in Healthcare

November 13, 2017 Jeanette Stern

A study by Gartner in 2015 suggested that the trends in high-performance healthcare organization services would involve exploiting modern-day avenues of patient engagement, especially email, the internet, mobile, and text. This trend is more relevant today, and digital healthcare systems are growing more popular by the day.

Thanks to technology, patients are privy to more medical information; they are proactive and take the initiative in lifestyle and healthcare choices, some even to the extent of self-diagnosing from the internet. Digital medical services play a crucial role in the world today in a bid to provide the research and information care seekers crave. The services also promote wellness and monitor diseases and infections by data collection and analysis and revolutionizing the experience of those seeking health services.

One crucial aspect of high-performance healthcare; whether digital or physical is customer service. As a customer, anyone seeking service from whatever service industry or business organization wants to feel valued, receive due attention and feel appreciated for their business.

This aspect makes all the difference between one institution and another and will determine whether clients chose you more than they will your competition. Some strategies work for healthcare providers, and we shall explore a few of them here.

Technology avails unique digital strategies including comprehensive, multi-channel and mobile health services. The use of social media, video, email and online marketing and service giving is taking the industry by storm and are advancing and revolutionizing healthcare customer service.

You can communicate with your client, provide personalized care information, scheduling, and booking appointments and for follow-up and monitoring. Going mobile is imperative in this day and age because our cell phones are an integral part of our daily lives. Allowing clients increased access to medical services from a wide range of platforms is an excellent patient experience.

Consistency in professional and quality service delivery is key in dealing with patients and maintaining client loyalty. This fact holds true especially in healthcare because often the state of mind these care seekers are in is not ideal and frustration may come about easily. Moreover, if your organization uses the multiple channel approach, maintaining dependability and uniformity across all the platforms of your brand is quite useful to enhanced client services.

Integrate all your teams and channels so that they work within the same value systems. Employing an Omnichannel strategy is an excellent idea to help you tackle any inconsistencies that may arise. Rapid response is also critical in decent customer service. Reply to any queries with immediacy and take care of customer complaints so that they know that you take them seriously. It also helps to consider and adapt suggestions and input from your clientele.  

Ensure that all your engagements are positive and meaningful. Know not only your patient's medical problems but understand them as people too. Create a rapport with them and get proactive with the initiative.

Commit to and strive for maximum engagement, every step of the way from marketing, to the actual appointment and even follow-up and customer appreciation. For instance, you can provide overall information on your institution, let clients know of new services and upcoming activities, send educational articles, novel research and information that is relative to your client's needs. Doing so empowers patients and builds your brand as a healthcare provider.

You can equip them with what they need to know before they come in for their medical appointments. Also, confirm the dates, send reminders and give opportunities for rescheduling via email or text. Go for personalized and tailored interactions, ensuring they are non-generic. Take part in their entire journey while these individuals are within your care.

Understanding the clientele is a useful predictive analytic because you can anticipate the requests of a given demographic or individual and send relevant information beforehand. Such reliable, meaningful engagements ensure customer retention, attract new ones, and keep them loyal.

Ensure that all your client information is secure and handle its management correctly. Employ proven data management strategies, software, and infrastructure that will ease things and work for your organization. Look for tools to manage patient information and health records, billing and payment records and provide useful analytics and insights to understand your clientele better. These things work well for customer service because, for instance, you have no cases of patient information mix-up or loss.

Data security protects the client confidentiality.  Up-to-date records ensure you are not losing money. There are very minimal problems in your interactions with customers, and as a care provider, your trustworthiness and dependability are precedent in your reputation.

Here at MedXM, our primary focus is to produce a worldwide impact through providing enhanced personal healthcare solutions throughout the continents. Using innovative technology, we aim to solve the problems arising for both caregivers and patients. We focus on easing the providence of health services by digitalizing them.

Doing so gives patients easy access to medical service providers and care information globally through text or via a browser. It also helps practitioners coordinate their services and offers security for sensitive data, records and payments while improving customer service, as per the practices discussed in this article.

Outsource digital and telehealth services from us and with our expert analytics and support systems. We will guarantee unique, excellent patient experience resulting in patient satisfaction. 

For more information, contact us.

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