Building Trust with Your Members

October 11, 2017 Jeanette Stern

Member Engagement: Establishing a Bond of Trust

It's taken a long time, but people who need recurring health care are finally demanding more personalized engagement to address their needs. No matter if it's taken decades for patients to realize they want more personalized approaches to their health plans, it's time your own health plan acquiesced.


With these new demands, it's time to look at ways you can provide better engagement with members. Much of it comes down to establishing a bond of trust to keep your clients loyal. Take a look at some innovative ways you can create member engagement. Here at MedXM, we'll help you get there sooner.


Providing Data Analytics on Health Risks

Many experts on member engagement note that analytics play a big part in engaging patients. Those who have higher health risks should become a big focus, especially since they could cost you more in health services.


By sending them educative information through data analytics, they'll see what they need to work on and what their health reality is. Analytics already play a huge part lately in helping to understand patients. Giving members access to their own health data helps bring significant transparency so they keep their health in good order. Even if you don't have access to everything on a patient's health, sending them data helps identify risk, which is beneficial for them and you.


Become a Part of Member Communities

Honing in on member communities potentially brings a more personalized process to engagement. It helps in making you become a more trusted advisor based on local health issues. Doing this also helps nurture more loyalty since you'll prove you want to focus on the inner circle of all your members.


Overall, this alleviates the old problem of treating members like a number. Becoming involved in their local community ultimately allows you to better understand the health needs of other members from the same local areas. Once again, metrics play a big part in helping you understand members on a more local level.


Reaching Out Through a Multi-Channel Approach

With so many ways to communicate available today, you have many open channels to pass on information to members. The best way to communicate is through a multi-channel process, which involves both online and offline methods.


Using automation tools is an essential part of this so you reach members at just the right times. Through automation, you can send them pertinent health information via text or email.


Your multi-channel approach should include everything from mobile communication to even snail mail if pertinent to what certain members want. The more means of communication you have open, the faster you can relay information to members about their health concerns and methods to stay healthy. Mobile allows real-time communication when questions need answering now.


Using Advocates for Face-to-Face Communication

If you don't have enough staff to meet the needs of all your members, sending out advocates who can meet with members face-to-face is an important step.


This more personalized way of educating members is something we do here at MedXM. With this meeting methods, it opens doors to even more trustworthiness between one another. At the same time, it allows your health organization to better understand the members you work with all through the year.


In some cases, sending advocates means visiting some patients in-home to help provide them with health assessments, perform lab tests, or document certain conditions. Of course, continuing education is the next step afterward. It's something we take seriously as well through our more personalized system.


Contact us at MedXM to learn about why our approach to member engagement is different from the rest.

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