8 Member Benefits of Health Risk Assessments

January 11, 2016

Health Risk Assessments (HRA’s) are designed to empower members and modify behavior through education and early detection. By reinforcing the importance of prevention, health risk assessments can produce a healthy member population.

Compiled below are seven different ways HRA can benefit health plan members:

1. Health Synopsis

Unfortunately many at-risk members go through their lives without fully understanding their health risks. HRA's provide members with an important synopsis of their current health status.            


2. Engagement

One of the most significant benefits in offering HRA's, is that the entire process creates significant level of engagement for the member.  The health synopsis received by the member leads to increased monitoring and behavior change.  Increased engagement leads to a positive healthcare experience and healthy happy members.


3. Education

A health risk assessment gives members an hour of one-on-one time with a doctor to ask any questions they may have regarding their health. The physician is able to address any concerns the member has and educate them on their symptoms, medication, and benefits offered to them.


4. Perspective

The comprehensive overview of a Health Risk Assessment gives members insight into their health status. The overall picture can lead to improved self care.


5. Save Money

Instead of driving to a PCP’s office for a short visit with co-pay, members are able to see a provider in the convenience of their home. The HRA is a benefit provided to them by their health plan and there is no co-pay.


6. Complete the Circle of Care

Once the HRA is complete, the results are shared among all those involved in the member’s care. Recommendations at the end of the assessment create a care management program that is easy to implement for the member’s PCP.


7. Prevention & Early Detection

A HRA can uncover risk factors that members are are not easily evident to the member. Symptoms detected in the assessment can be escalated quickly to prevent illness.


8. Behavior Modification

Throughout the entire assessment, members are given insight to their health status. If there is room for improvement, the PCP is notified through the results and can speak with the member on modifying behaviors such as diet, exercise, medication adherence, and so on.

MedXM’s top rated HRA platforms are designed to empower members and improve health through education, prevention, and early detection.

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