5 Ways Top Health Plans Improve Membership Engagement

December 2, 2016

Thousands of health plans across the U.S. are competing with each other for members. What are the best health plans doing to stay on top? In large part, top health plans are successfully engaging their members. In that sense, learning the methods they use, would prove beneficial for plans struggling to engage members.

In this regard, here are 5 ways top health plans in the U.S. are improving membership engagement:

  1. Mobile Optimized Websites
  2. Mobile Apps
  3. Community Outreach
  4. Resources on Website
  5. Membership Portal


#1. Mobile Optimized Websites

Most members are on the go and check websites from their smartphone. Top health plans understand that mobile users behave differently. They implement easy to use websites, that are highly visual and easy to navigate, to make it easy for members to get the answers they need, as quickly as possible. Members are more likely to engage with your plan when you offer a satisfying mobile experience because it leaves them with a sense that you understand how valuable their time is. When your mobile experience is optimized for functionality and consistency, it builds trust with members to increase the frequency in which they engage with you online.


#2. Mobile Apps

A mobile app is a key element top health plans use to engage their members on a frequent basis. A mobile app will keep you visible to members at all times and help you to provide value to your members. Top health plans keep on-hand information within their mobile apps to help digitize key member health plan information to make healthcare a less complicated process. Having a messaging or help desk feature within your app could increase member engagement and satisfaction by making answers available via their fingertips.


#3. Community Outreach

Top health plans reach member communities with their online presence. To help build healthy communities top health plans host community news and articles on their website detailing volunteering events and health related community events. Local SEO and advertising play an important role in reaching those in the nearby community looking for health services.

Aside from online information, a great member engagement strategy is to specifically get involved in the member community. Holding events such as health fairs, support groups, forums, and awareness events can help show the local community you care about issues affecting that specific demographic and get current members to engage more with their health plan.

Learn how to promote Diabetes Awareness in the community with this Promotional Guide


#4. Resources on Website

An online resource center is a universal engagement strategy for top health plans. To engage members and keep them coming back to your website, it’s important to include blog posts on food for health and fitness tips. Visual design such as ebooks, infographics, and slideshares are all good tactics for engaging members on your website. Content rich resource centers from top health plans also inform their members on the latest healthcare news, health research, and annual reports.


#5. Membership Portal

Ready to log in as a member? Top health plans have a membership portal accessible through their website and mobile apps. From this portal, individuals, employers, and investors can access and manage their accounts with more specific resources. Allowing members to schedule health appointments and speak to their physician through a member portal will keep members engaged. This engagement strategy is key to keep people off the phone and maintain satisfaction with your plan’s customer service.



Not all health plans are the same, nor do they all serve the same membership base. Yet, all health plans benefit when they strive to improve membership engagement. Looking at top health plan strategies for member engagement, we can see that these 5 common tactics keep members informed, engaged, and interested in your services. To stand out amongst the crowd, keep the amount of resources and information high on an optimized website.

Technology, with mobile apps and membership portals, also plays a prominent role with top health plans, as well as community outreach and localized information. None of these plans stray too far from the other with membership engagement strategies, yet each has their own flavor and emphasis on similar themes.

Successful health plans aren't using gimmicks or novel ideas to improve membership engagement, rather applying simple optimization strategies that work with innovative technology.

MedXM has been successful in helping health plans improve their membership engagement strategies, because we take the same approach these top health plans do. If interested in learning more please contact us today.

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