4 Great Reasons to Give Members Options

February 11, 2016 Amanda Hurley

Are your members satisfied?

One sure fire way of increasing member satisfaction and engagement is to offer your members options.

Here are 4 reasons why you should give your members options in the way they receive care:


  1. Participation in Prevention Programs

Prevention is key in keeping members healthy and decreasing your overall costs. To improve member participation in your prevention programs such as screenings and health assessments, offer members the choice of receiving benefits in a place convenient for them. Offering the options of in-home, retail clinics, PCP offices, or SNFs increases the likeliness of the member participating in your prevention program and offerings.

When health plan professionals make every effort to increase accessibility to care, members are more inclined to follow through with the necessary steps to ensure their good health conditions and decrease your overall costs.


2. Improve Member Satisfaction

All members are unique and respond differently to various methods of care. While some people may feel safer going into a practitioner's office, others are more comfortable in their own home. In the same vein, depending on what the member is presenting with, it may be difficult to leave the home. Ultimately as healthcare providers, we aim to lessen stress levels, not increase them, and one way to do that is to offer health services in a location convenient to the member. 


3. Increase Member Retention

Members are, above all, customers, and we want happy ones because happy customers stay for future services. Plus, we just like making people happy, and healthy. When members notice the way their health plan makes it convenient for them to receive benefits, members are less likely to move to another plan.


4. Member Empowerment

      Finally, giving members choices in their healthcare engenders feelings of empowerment;             feelings that are often missed in member dealings with the healthcare system. Often times a       member can feel scared and confused when trying to navigate through their healthcare               benefits. If health plans are upfront and offer members convenient points of care that work         with their lifestyle, health plans can be very effective at empowering their members. Giving members a choice in healthcare settings increases feelings of empowerment, and helps patient feel that they are finally in control. Once you do this, members are more likely to take charge of their health and in turn, lower your costs.

If you would like to explore MedXM's convenient member options, please contact us

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