3 Ways Retail Clinics Improve Member Engagement

January 21, 2016 Amanda Hurley

Overtime, the roles of retail clinics have evolved from minor urgent care facilities into population health management and risk adjustment tools. Retail clinics are now playing a pivotal role in improving health by increasing access to quality care and services by offering an additional option to health plan member. The convenient locations and hours of retail health clinics are a powerful factor in enhancing member engagement, satisfaction, and retention.


Below are three ways in which retail clinics can improve member engagement:


1. Convenience

The retail clinic option allows for increased member engagement all due to the convenience in which it fits the members’ lives. When given the option of an in-home HRA or a retail clinic HRA, members agree with what works for them. If the retail clinic is in a store the member frequents, they are able to stop for their health assessment during their normal routine. The easy alternative to care gives members a convenient option that works within their daily or weekly schedule.


2. Brand Familiarity

If a member is uncomfortable allowing a provider or technician into their home for a health assessment or screening, the retail clinic allows for a familiar and comfortable alternative. MedXM utilizes major retail locations for its clinic for members’ convenience and familiarity.  The brand familiarity allows for a certain comfort level that will likely increase member engagement in their health.


3. Satisfaction

By giving your members option to choose from, their satisfaction with their health plan                         significantly increases. A satisfied member is much more likely to take control of their health, which leads to higher engagement rates.


By offering your member options to meet with a doctor or nurse in a convenient setting such as home or retail clinic, your member engagement will significantly improve.


For more information on how MedXM’s retail clinic can help improve your member engagement, please contact us today.


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