3 Advances in Care Management to be Thankful For

November 22, 2016

The healthcare industry has always been a challenging place for those involved in its functions and growth. Growth is, many times, a difficult process, yet it's also a rewarding experience for those up to the challenge of overcoming the many obstacles it brings. For every challenge, innovation in thought or technology brings an equal solution. In this regard, let's highlight 3 advances in care management to be thankful for in 2016 and beyond.

1. Improving the Customer Experience

Thought leadership in the health care industry has been focused on improving and transforming the customer experience of members. Generally, this consists of creating a more consumer centered business mindset for health plans and providers, as a way to keep up with the changing patterns of behavior within society at large.

The nature of modern society, with all its technological advances, has made engagement and care management difficult, because of all the busyness and distractions it brings. The way people communicate and interact has changed, as well as their expectations from businesses, including health care plans and providers.

For instance, at a recent conference (Oct. 2016) called: "Membership Engagement & Retention for Health Plans", leading health plan representatives focused on these type of solutions:

“...Driving Down Costs by Building a Shopping Culture”

“...How to Transform the Journey Map into a Personal Experience”

“...How to Rewrite Health Plan Language and Culture in a Way That's Meaningful to Members”

Improving the business side of care management while balancing membership relationships, is an advance that the industry should be thankful for. This type of balance is needed with the challenges the modern world is presenting; thankfully, thought leadership is focusing on coming up with meaningful solutions for this challenge.

2. Advances in Technology

Another emerging development in care management to be thankful for is advances in technology; because of the increasing patient population and changing societal behaviors, technology is playing a crucial role in streamlining care management holistically. Specifically, technology is improving administrative and membership engagement processes.

Everyone involved in care management can be thankful for the tools technology is giving them in their day-to-day workflow processes, such as: cloud and mobile computing, optimized websites, Unified Communications, centralization and integration of enterprise systems, automation, big data, and more. Without technology, care management would be swimming in a sea of inefficiency and drowning in redundancy.

3. Internal and External Partnerships

Another advancement in care management to be thankful for is the emerging focus on working together with internal and external partnerships. Health providers, health plans, and third-party partners, are working together through technology to improve care management, starting at the local community level.

The aim of these partnerships is to: create seamless care management processes, improve membership accessibility to care, personalize the care process, improve members' health, and reduce inefficiencies for providers and plans. At the conference referenced before, thought leadership touched on this topic with this lecture:

“...Give You Strategies and Tools to Build Partnerships to Engage Members Across the Community”

Making care management more accessible (in-home visits, nearby clinics, community outreach programs, etc.) is an advancement to be thankful for, because it personalizes care management at the same time as increasing risk assessment and screening completions. Improving outreach strategies, with partnerships at all levels, gives health plans the meaningful data needed to prevent and reduce expensive health issues; this leads to reduced costs, better care for members, and less burden on providers.


With the holidays and Thanksgiving approaching, those involved in the health care industry have a lot to be thankful for, in spite of all the challenges faced. These 3 advances in care management are good examples of what we can be thankful for in 2016 and beyond; these give us assurance that the direction of care management is in the capable hands of innovative thought leadership, technology, and holistic partnerships.

Since 1990, MedXM has played a meaningful part in developing innovative advances in care management, providing leadership in designing and implementing preventative care technology and health risk assessments, in order to improve membership engagement and health care outcomes.

We're thankful for the meaningful partnerships we've made over the years, and the advances that make it possible to improve care management for everyone involved. Please contact us to learn more about how MedXM works to improve care management.

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